The Perfect Gift Set for the Foodies in your life

04 December 2018
2015 Sparkling White Wine - £30.00
It’s a great privilege for White Castle Vineyard that they are now able to make sparkling wine at home in Wales as they firmly believe that sparkling wine is one of the most elegant luxuries in life.
Whilst traditional wines are fermented once, sparkling wine goes through a secondary fermentation creating the bubbles held within the wines.
The company’s quality, award-winning Welsh Sparkling wine is made in the traditional méthod Champenoise.
Premium Tea Gift Sets – Blended in Pembrokeshire
Looking for a gift for a tea lover? Chantler Teas have developed a ‘choose your own gift box’ from some of their most popular teas including their Welsh Dragon range. Choose any 3 teas from the list to create the perfect gift for your loved ones. Each Caddy contains 75g of Tea.
Choose From:
Gold Dragon, Brecon Breakfast, Smoky Dragon, Pembrokeshire Premium, Spicy Dragon, Welsh Afternoon, China Jasmine with Flowers, Moroccan Mint, Rooibos, Blueberry Bang Rooibos and Cascadia Herbal Rooibos.
Gift Box of Curry Spice Pots
Case for Cooking’s gift box contains four packed pots of spices and herbs - which you can use to make 10 servings each of a Korma, Jalfrezi, Red Thai and Green Thai curry. That's a lot in a pot!
They have included clear instructions on how to make each paste, plus a suggested recipe for each curry. You won't need years of cooking experience, expensive equipment or fancy extra ingredients as they've made sure that everything you need to add is readily available to buy. So why not treat yourself to a fun culinary experience or treat your curry-loving friends to a great gift?
Cocoacello miniature & etched highball glass – £10.00
Cocoacello is a true collaboration of delicious ingredients and the expertise of Baravelli’s. The match has produced a delicious cocoa infused liqueur, a sophisticated and elegant drink, as ideal as an aperitif as it is at the end of the evening.
Cocoacello is the creation of Mark and Emma Baravelli whose Italian origins went beyond the usual and led to an exploration of the more unusual and innovative… the result is Cocoacello, a taste of elegance.
This premium liqueur is infused with the flavours of cocoa and vanilla, smooth on the palate and instantly a favourite. The ideal addition to your celebrations this coming festive season.
A Little Taste of the Sea Gift Box - £10.00
Never again struggle for inspiration when seasoning your dish, chose one of this lovely little selection of 6 flavoured salts, including the popular natural as well as all premium flavours such as;
Sa Salt with Saffron
Sea Salt with Black Truffle
Sea Salt with Chilli
Sea Salt with Sichuan Pepper
Sea Salt with Squid Ink
Coaltown Starter Box V3 - £31.00
This is the perfect present for coffee enthusiasts and purveyors of Coaltown! It is designed to include everything you could ever need to create a great brew.
The best option is to grind yourself, but If you do not have a grinder at home, the company recommend that you select the Paper Filter option from the website menu.
A bag of Filter Ground Rwanda Gakenke (Raspberry, Lemon, Caramel)
South West & South Wales independent Coffee Guide No3
Hario V60 No1 dripper coffee maker
40 Hario filter papers
8/12oz Plastic Coaltown KeepCup
Measuring spoon
A Coaltown Pin & Vinyl sticker
Posted in a Kraft brown box.
Luxury Turkey Hamper - £91.20 - £124.17
A truly luxury Christmas hamper, with a gammon joint for boxing day butties and plenty of accompaniments.
1 x Free Range Bronze Turkey, 1 x 2kg Raw Boneless Gammon Joint (feeds 7 people+), 2x Packs of Pigs In Blankets (10 per pack), 1x Gourmet Sage & Onion stuffing, 1x Pack of Dry Cured Streaky Bacon, 1x Mrs Darlington’s Cranberry Sauce, 1x Jar Goose Fat.
Our Free Range Farm Assured Turkey is dressed and finished by hand. Birds are presented oven ready, with vacuum packed giblets and cooking instructions.
Chili Sauces Gift Box
Pembrokeshire Chilli Farm have built an enviable reputation for producing a range of superb, gourmet chilli sauces, jams and spices.
So, go ahead and enjoy your chilli experience.
Choose two of the following sauces to include in your gift box:
Chilli BBQ
Chipotle Gold
Tropical Teaser
Orchard Delight
Ghost Tears
Scorpions Bite
Reapers Creeper
Online Customers - why not use code 'CHRISTMAS10' at the checkout to receive 10% off your order.
Honey Hamper - £38.00
Lovely wooden crate with heart details filled with our premium Royal Welsh winning honey and beeswax produce from West Wales. 
These hampers are a perfect gift. Hampers can be purpose filled with items of your choice or you can pick from the pre-filled hampers below:
Hamper - £38 including delivery
- Welsh raw wild flower honey 340g
- pecans in honey 300g
- honey soap with geranium and vetiver pure essential oils
- elegant pair of 10.5 inch per candles - 100% pure beeswax
- salted honey fudge 100g
Barbeque Sauce Gift Box - £11.00
Choose three of your favourite Brybeque sauces to complete this Gift Box.
Brybeque Original
Brybeque Sauce Original is an award winning Homemade Barbecue Sauce available to purchase.
It’s sweet, smokey and tangy all in one. It’s not a spicy BBQ sauce, but it has a bit of a kick at the end of it, but won’t put your mouth on fire. Just a great all rounder if you’re old or new to the BBQ Sauce scene.
Brybeque – The Hot Stuff
Brybeque Sauce – The Hot Stuff puts all other BBQ sauces that claim they are ‘spicy’ to shame. It lights a fire in your mouth, without blowing your head off. Perfect to compliment your food when you’re looking for a hot and tasty kick.
Brybeque Brytoot
The award-winning Brybeque Sauce Brytroot is not only for the pretentious. It is to be consumed by many, and enjoyed by all. Merging Bry with Beetroot can never be undone. Great with meats, fish and even salads. Anyday, everyday.

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