Show Visitors vote with their taste buds to launch new products

26 July 2014

Visitors to the Royal Welsh Show this year will use their taste buds to help individuals and new Welsh food and drink companies. By tasting new products, visitors to the Food Hall will offer Cywain, the Menter a Busnes added value food project, a real insight to food market research.

 Visitors to the Hall will vote with their taste buds, as they taste a variety of brand new food and drink products, and give their opinions on taste, texture and how enticing the food looks. Royal Welsh Show visitors will then post their answers into two large bins in the Food Hall, with a YES or NO as to whether the product should reach the market.


 “The Royal Welsh Show is a great opportunity for Cywain to assist new companies or individuals who are keen to test the market before developing products further,” Myrddin Davies, Cywain Manager explained.


 “Some of our clients will have been through some initial research, and may even have their packaging already sorted. Others, however, will be at the very start of the process.


 “But the Show, with the mass numbers visiting each day, will offer a good measuring activity for market research. Companies we have worked with in the past, usually use friends and family for this type of market research, but we thought this year, why not take advantage of the public, on mass, at the Show to assist in our work. After all, if they are visiting the Royal Welsh Show Food Hall, they will have a keen interest in Welsh produce.”

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