Did you know??

18 January 2018

Today, we celebrate the renouned Winnie The Pooh stories. But did you know that it is in Wales that the famous bear and his friends have their roots?


On a bleak and wet holiday in 1923 at Brondarw Hall, owned by the famous archetect Clough Williams-Ellis, it became impossible for A. A. Milne, his family and friends to enjoy the numerous activities they had planned. The atmosphere was tense and the author hid away in a nearby summer house to put pen to paper and write a series of poems.


The rain poured for 11 days and nights with Milne even writing to a friend explaining; “it rains all day in Wales”. On the 11th day however, Milne had composed 11 poems – the genisis to the series “When We Were Very Young” which included the character of ‘Teddy Bear’. He was to become the most famous teddy bear of all time!

Could it be possible that Milne and his family came accross Welsh honey ont heir trip? After all... it is a rare and valuable product. Considering the rainfall in our small country the Welsh honeybee deserves considerable praise.

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