Cywain trade test food at Gwledd Conwy Feast - Conwy Goat Meat on the menu

20 October 2014

In a first for Gwledd Conwy Feast, visitors will test new food and drink products never before bought to the festival. Cywain, the food and drink value added project, will offer a platform for five new producers to test trade their products direct to customers before further development.


Visitors will taste the products, offer direct feedback in the form of a number of short questions relating to taste, texture and how enticing the food looks. Visitors will then post their answers into two large bins placed at Cywain’s stand at the Festival (25 and 26 October), with a YES or NO as to whether the product should be developed for the market.


Myrddin Davies, Cywain Manager explains: “This is a first for Gwledd Conwy and is an exciting prospect for our new producers. It is the initial stage for any person unsure as to whether their goods are suitable to be developed and bought to the marketplace.


“Test trading limits the risks involved and gives a person or company looking to invest in a new venture the confidence that they are on the right track. You never know, Gwledd Conwy visitors might be the first to taste an award winning food or drink product.”


One Conwy Valley farm business keen to take advantage of the test trade opportunity at Gwledd Conwy is Eifion Roberts and his family from Trofarth, situated in the hills between Llanrwst and Colwyn Bay, Conwy.


Farming in partnership with Eifion's brother, Geraint, the family was keen to add value to the beef and sheep farm at Ffrith Newydd, Trofarth, and intially researched goat milking.


“We decided early on that there are a number of milking herds in north Wales, so we looked into the goat meat market,” Leah, Eifion’s partner explained.


“It was surprising to find that 70% of all meat consumed in the world daily is goat meat. It is a nutritious red meat, far leaner than beef, lower in saturated fat and cholesterol and offers lower calories than other meats.”


The family is the third generation of the Roberts family to farm the 300 acres at Ffrith Newydd. A typical upland beef and sheep farm, the family decided to invest in a small herd of Boer meat goats earlier this year, establishing Conwy Goat Meat.


“We have around 30 breeding nannies with kids at their feet. They are bred outside during the spring and summer months and bought indoors during the colder months. They’re not as hardy as sheep, and hate the rain. They have outside shelter in the fields during wet days,” Eifion explains.


The goats are an addition to the main staple of the farm, 600 Welsh Mountain ewes and Mules and 20 suckler cows, with a 60 head of beef cattle. Eating a variety of grass, weed and trees, the goats have settled well on to the green pastures overlooking the Conwy Valley.


“We’ve provided cuts of meat to friends and family for feedback. Goat burgers are a hit, and slow roasting a shoulder or diced goat meat really brings out the sweet flavour of the meat. We’re really looking forward to exhibiting at Gwledd Conwy Feast, and offering our product to customers on our own home patch.


“Cywain have been fantastic and given us a real insight into the food production market. We’re looking forward to test trading Conwy Goat Meat at the festival, and seeing what people really think of this tasty succulent meat,” Lea explained.


Cywain project was spearheaded by Menter a Busnes set up to bring added value to primary produce within the agriculture sector.  The project has received funding through the Rural Development Plan for Wales 2007-2013 which is funded by the Welsh Assembly Government and the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development.

For more information on Conwy Goat Meat go to, or facebook Conwy Goat Meat. Information regarding support from Cywain is available from

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