Case Studies

Exactly a year ago, an innovative Conwy Valley farmer planted a wheat crop for the very first time, and is now celebrating by tasting wholemeal bread and digestive biscuits made by his local bakery using his own wheat grain milled flour. As the tasty products are launched, Cywain*, a Menter a Busnes added product value project, is working with the team to market and promote the locally produced wheat products. “Because of the area’s climate, wheat isn’t traditionally grown in the Conwy Valley,” Cywain Development Manager, Alwen Eidda explains. “Here at Cywain we’ve certainly not heard of a farmer who’s followed the whole process from
A North Wales dairy farm is launching its own funky ice cream brand next week. Chilly Cow will operate from a converted building at Stryt Fawr farm, Llanychan, near Ruthin. Initially, nine flavoured ice creams will be made from organic milk supplied by the farm’s herd of 80 Brown Swiss cows.  Inspiration for the name came from business owner Anna Taylor, who wanted to emphasise the brand’s “fun” credentials. “It’s modern, fresh and recognisable,” she said.    “But it’s also a name that, more than anything, people can have a bit of a giggle about.” Chilly Cow is being run as a separate venture from Stryt Fawr,
Cywain Bee first came across Katie Hayward and Felin Honeybees Ltd back in 2015. Katie then was working full time as a Health and Safety Officer, with a dream of working full time as a beekeeper on her farm in Cemlyn, Anglesey.  She had kept bees for 17 years and sought support to develop her business plan in increasing the number of hives and honey produced as well as educating the public and landowners about honey bees and pollination.   Through a mentoring fund available at the time, Cywain Bee supported Katie to establish an in-house education centre on her farm. A key focus