Llaethdy Llŷn

12 October 2018
Llaethdy Llŷn has been bottling quality milk in Pwllheli since August 2016. However, when they first contacted Cywain in October 2015, the future of their family farm was hanging in the balance.
“It was impossible to make a living when the price of milk was as low as it was. It’s a very difficult thing, getting up in the morning, knowing that you will be making a loss that day. As we saw it, we only had two options; to give up completely or to try our hand at something different.”
Following a recommendation by Farming Connect, Sion and Nia Jones contacted Cywain in the hope of adding value and taking back control of their farm and the product that they truly believed in.
Working with Cywain Development Manager, Nia Môn, they started exploring and developing their ideas to provide bottled milk. Market and product research took place, as well as study tours and brand development, all of which tied together within a newly formulated strategic business plan.  Assistance was also arranged through the Food Technology Centre in Llangefni to develop their production operations, pasteurisation, homogenising, packaging, barcodes, hygiene rating, shelf-life and other essential requirements for production and distribution of their milk.
“It is incredible to see what Llaethdy Llŷn has achieved in just 9 months,” explains Nia Môn. “Their success is demonstrated by the growth of the company, along with the fact that they are able to create employment in a rural area. It also has wider implications, as they also benefit the local community both economically and socially. And of course, they provide locally produced milk. The company is a great asset to the Llŷn area.”
“At the end of the day, we were farmers,” Mrs Jones explains. “We knew how to milk a cow but we had no idea what it took to start up and sustain a business.
“Nothing has been too much for Cywain. It was a very stressful time for the family back then and knowing that a helpful voice was on the other side of the phone was, and still is, a great comfort. We’re still learning, but we are so much more confident technically and from a business point of view.
“We’ve gone from being close to shutting the dairy doors for good, to employing four members of staff. We’re now working with Cywain towards new product development which will minimise our food waste and have already been referred to food specialists by our current Development Manager, Nerys Davies, as well as putting an updated plan together.
“If you have an idea you wish to see becoming a business reality, don’t hesitate to contact Cywain. The information and expertise they have on hand is second to none. We would never have been able to do this without them.”

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