Anglesey Brewhouse

05 December 2018
Having first brewed beer as a student forty years ago, Phil Chadwick now owns his own nanobrewery – Bragdy Môn – Anglesey Brewhouse.
Smaller even than a microbrewery, Anglesey Brewhouse, with its workforce consisting of Phil, his wife Karen, and son Adam have aimed to produce quality over quantity beer since September 2017 at Rhostrehwfa, Anglesey.
The company now intend on relocating to new premises at Llangefni Industrial Estate by Christmas following an “unbelievable” twelve months where the demand for the product has completely outstripped their limited supply.
“Customers were pre-ordering with us, meaning that the product was sold before it was even made. Advancing to the new premises means that we’ll be brewing 180 gallons per day rather than the 5 gallons we’re currently brewing, so we’ll certainly be meeting demand,” explains Phil. 
“In our early stages, we attended one of Cywain’s ‘Getting Award Ready’ workshops which encouraged us to submit our first core brew to the Guild of Fine Foods for a Great Taste Award. We won a star in August of last year.”
“Phil has truly taken advantage of all opportunities with Anglesey Brewhouse and is a pleasure to work with,”says Nerys Davies, Cywain Development Manager for Anglesey and Gwynedd.
“As well as gaining new skills from attending Cywain workshops, Anglesey Brewhouse have traded with Cywain at the 2018 Royal Welsh Show, received a grant to assist with their branding and with the aid of Cywain staff such as Jayne Jones - Fine Foods Cluster Manager, are preparing for meetings with wholesalers as their production levels increase”.
“One of the challenges we have faced as a company is a lack of business experience, which is where the expertise from Cywain has really helped us. From wholesaling to branding, marketing and all the red tape which surrounds alcohol production, they have been able to lend a hand in some way or another,” admits Phil.
“Brewing itself has been a challenge in our limited facilities which is why we’re looking to relocate. It’s even giving us the control to work on developing new recipes which we’re extremely excited about.”
“Everything has been contained on the Island at the moment, which has been wonderful for us. The most important customers are those at home, but we’re enthusiastic about looking slightly further afield once we have the supply to do so.”
“Having this free business support from the very beginning has been invaluable and we honestly cannot fault the service. We’re very keen to keep the dialogue open with Cywain in the future.”

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